The USU Library is located in the middle of the campus on Library Street No. 1 USU Medan Campus. The building area reaches 6,090 m2. The building and room can accommodate 208,506 titles and 609,991 copies of the collection, both printed and electronic, and also has about 350 computers for browsing and accessing information and servers. The library has a database that contains all student final assignments and lecturers' scientific works in the USU Repository which can be accessed online. The library also subscribes to various e-journals that can be accessed for free by all academic members. All of the information resources are available on the library web and on the internet that can be accessed through wired and wireless. Meanwhile, for teaching and research to catch up with the latest developments in science and technology, USU must gain their ebook collection subscriptions and e-journals from reputable journals that are accredited nationally and internationally. Also, this library connects with the branch library of the faculty for service systems, collections, membership, and librarians. There are 10 branch libraries, one of them is in the USU Faculty of Psychology that covers an area of ​​40 m2, with a total collection of 820 books and 220 journal titles.