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In supporting the teaching and learning activities of students and lecturers, the Faculty of Psychology has a laboratory for practicum activities. The laboratory room is facilitated with tools that support practicum activities, for example for the psychodiagnostic practicum, psychodiagnostic test tools are provided, for the observation & interview practicum activities, a one-way mirror room is provided which is equipped with a table, chair, and CCTV camera connected to the monitor, and for experimental psychology practicum, experimental test tools are provided such as the Depth Perception Box, Reaction Time Tester for Sound, Steadiness test, Muller Lyer Test, Poggendorf Illusion Test, Wiggly Blok A, Pyramid Puzzle, and others.

Substance of independent practicum/practice or which is part of certain courses.

No. Nama Praktikum/Praktek Isi Praktikum/Praktek



Judul/Modul Jam Pelaksanaan
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1. Psikodiagnostik II: Observasi Setting Simulasi, Setting Alamiah, Setting Film

3 Pertemuan

(18 jam)

Di dalam kelas dan

di luar kelas

2. Psikodiagnostik III: Wawancara Penugasan Probing Interview, Analisa Teknik Wawancara

2 Pertemuan

(12 jam)

Di dalam kelas dan

di luar di kelas

3. Psikologi Eksperimen

-  Persepsi Kedalaman,

-  Ilusi (Muller Lyer, Pogendorf).

-  Waktu Reaksi.

-  Transfer of Learning

-  Problem Solving.

-  Threshold

6 pertemuan

(36 jam)

Laboratorium Fakultas

Psikologi USU

4. Intervensi Psikologi Sosial  

7 pertemuan

(42 jam)

Masyarakat Kota Medan
5. Inventori Kepribadian

-   Praktik EPPS

-   Praktik 16PF

-   Praktik PAPI-Kostik

-   Praktik SSCT

-   Praktik Big Five

-   Praktik MMPI

-   Praktik LoC

7 pertemuan

(28 jam)

Di dalam kelas
6. Konseling Panduan Pelaksanaan Praktikum Konseling

5 Pertemuan

(30 jam)

Di dalam kelas
7. Analisis Jabatan Deskripsi   Jabatan dan Spesifikasi Jabatan

8 pertemuan

(32 jam)

Perusahaan di Kota Medan
8. Psikologi Komunitas  

5 pertemuan

(20 jam)

Masyarakat Kota Medan
                                                                                       Head of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Psychology


Dr. Omar Khalifa Burhan S.Psi, M.Sc