Purpose and Objective

Purpose and Objective


Prior to 2015, the faculty's purpose were:

  1. Build well-known quality competencies in various fields of psychology graduates;
  2. Build professional, integrated and adhere to the psychological code of ethics graduates;
  3. But a competitive and can meet the demands of employment needs graduates.
  4.  Build, disseminate and implement the results of psychological research;
  5. Provide the best service for people who use psychological services;
  6. Opening the widest opportunity for the community to study psychology.

Meanwhile, in the 2015-2039 period, the objectives of the faculty are:

1    Improving the quality of psychology education management on an ongoing basis to achieve national and international competitiveness and cooperation; especially in the field of local wisdom and agro-industry.

2   Produce innovative research that encourages the development and application of psychology, especially in the field of local wisdom and agro-industry, both nationally and internationally by adhering to the ethics of science and the code of ethics of psychology.

Creating reasoning-based community service activities and research work in the field of psychology that emphasizes the aspect of finding solutions to the actual problems and benefits for the welfare of society.


To realize the vision, mission, and purpose in 2010 to 2014, the USU Faculty of Psychology has set the following goals:

  1. Average GPA of graduates3.0
  2. Average study time  5 years
  3. Waiting time for graduates < 6 months
  4. The ratio of post graduate lecturers = 100%
  5. The ratio of doctoral lecturers > 20%
  6. The number of journal research publications for each lecturer nationally is 1 per semester
  7. Cooperation in terms of research, community service with external parties at least is 2 per semester, especially those related to multicultural psychology.